[Front-end] Auto reload browser while coding

Touching CSS is painful every single time

Front-end developer usually do this: edit a single character in CSS (or SCSS), save, then head over web browser, hit reload / F5 / Ctrl + F5

What if there is a way to make the browser auto reload while you’re typing?

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[UWP] Create image assets for your apps

Windows 10 apps (or Universal Windows App) required a lot of images to use in assets. Each images have different resolution and scale. How can you create all of these images? Open Photoshop or GIMP to crop, resize, and save, and repeat for 39 times until done? Today I will show you a quick and easy way, less than 5 click for all of that. And you can even create your custom scale and resolution too.

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[UWP] Get all the latest sample code at ease

Back in the old days, if you want to look at some sample code, you have to do a search > go to MSDN page > download sample code as .zip > extract the zip > open the .sln file to view.

Now, Microsoft is cool again. All of the sample code for Windows 10 is now available on Github, and they ARE UPDATING every day. So you will always have the latest piece of code you need, with all the improvement and coding convention from Microsoft engineer who wrote that code.

Sounds good? Here’s how

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[Visual Studio] XAML Element Inspector with Visual Studio 2015 [en-US]

In the latest release of Visual Studio (aka Visual Studio 2015), Microsoft has introduce some cutting edge features called “Live Visual Tree” and “Live Property Explorer”. Using this features, you can easily inspect and edit you XAML element on the fly.

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