[Visual Studio Online] TFS love Slack, and vice versa

This post will guide you through how to intergrate TFS into slack. Every time there is something happened in TFS (code checked in, new task, etc…), there will be a message posted in slack in selected channel.

Sound good? Here how

Activate in TFS

Open your TFS link, usually it will be “blahblahblah.visualstudio.com”. You will need to login, and only admin have access to activation page.

Select the project that you want to activate

In Project page, click setting

In Setting > Service Hooks > Create the first subscription for this project

Scroll down > Slack > Next

In Trigger dialog, you can choose the event you want to notify. Here I will choose Code chekced in. After finish, double check you project link.

In the next step, you will need a “Slack Webhook URL”. This Url is provided by slack, so………

Get Slack Webhooks URL

Open slack, both web version or app version will do

Click on the little arrow icon right next to team name > Apps and Custom Intergrations

In the website that open after that, search for webhook, then choose Incoming WebHooks

You can install “Incoming WebHooks” for all the team you’ve signed in

Then, choose a chanel that you want all notification will be posted there, then click the button

Next, you will see the URL, copy it

And Paste, then test the message

Finally, click on Finish, and boom, you’re done.

Tips: You can add other type of Triggers, not just “Code checked in”

That’s it. See u in next post :3


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