[ASPNET Core 2] – Middleware

Here is a strange request: Write hello world using ASP.NET.

So easy, dotnet new mvc then modify Views/Home/Index.cshtml to return a single line of <p>hello world</p>. Must be it, right?

There is another way 😀

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[ASPNET] EditorFor with List and add more item to list with AJAX

Imagine you have a list of items in ViewModel

What if you want to let user add 1 more item, or let user edit any item in that list?

In this blog post, I will show you how to do just that

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[Front-end] Auto reload browser while coding

Touching CSS is painful every single time

Front-end developer usually do this: edit a single character in CSS (or SCSS), save, then head over web browser, hit reload / F5 / Ctrl + F5

What if there is a way to make the browser auto reload while you’re typing?

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