[UWP] Create image assets for your apps

Windows 10 apps (or Universal Windows App) required a lot of images to use in assets. Each images have different resolution and scale. How can you create all of these images? Open Photoshop or GIMP to crop, resize, and save, and repeat for 39 times until done? Today I will show you a quick and easy way, less than 5 click for all of that. And you can even create your custom scale and resolution too.

The App

There is an app called “Universal Logo Maker for Windows” on Windows Store. It can create all the image you need, particularly for Windows 10 package.

Link: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nblggh5zchk

The app is very easy to use. But I will show you how to use it anyway

Using it

I’m sure the above picture will explain the basic for you right?

Add custom size and scale

Click on the small + sign

Here you can see the add new size page.

Platform name is the name of your custom collection. By this way, you can create many platforms that match your need, and choose to generate images for these custom platform or not.

The big text box below is where you enter the parameter for your custom images.

Syntax Explain:

Each param separated with “:”. The first is name, then Width, then Height. Quite simple right?

After finish, click on “Add”, and the new platform appeared as an option. How’s cool is that.

The best thing about this function is, eventually, it will sync across all devices that you have login with the same Microsoft account. So when you add a new platform with a very specific size on you company PC, then go back home and open it up, and it’s already there, ready to use.

Note: Beta function, may not work


Inside setting, there are some options. Choose where to save, about this app, rating and review and feedback, and most interesting thing is “Update Database”

Normally, the app will update the database automatically. But for some reason, it not working (like you open the app for days, or you have your pc connected to unstable network), then you can check update manually. It’s only update the default platform list, not your custom list. So don’t worry.

Rate for me, please, and feedback

Finally, if you find this interesting, please rate it, and don’t forget to feedback by sending email to cuoilennaocacban@hotmail.com. By doing so, you’re actually helping me to make the app better.



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